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3 Wallet Friendly Fitness Trackers With Heart Rate Sensors From $52

Can't afford a Fitness tracker? Here are three affordable fitness wearables that can track you general activities and your heart rate 24 hours, 7 days a week for as low as $52.

Owning a fitness tracker offers the convenience and ease to record your daily activities. But if you seriously want to improve your health and get in shape today, owning a fitness watch with a heart rate tracker is simply the most effective way to accurately monitor your progress. Not only will you get a more accurate picture of your fitness, wrist styled heart rate monitors can guide you on how not to train outside of a permitted heart rate zone. Training to a targeted heart rate is not only safe, it will prevent injuries and improve the effectiveness of a workout. More importantly, these kind of fitness wearables are not that expensive. Here's a look at three such fitness watches for under $80:

Xiaomi Band 2

Up first is one of the most affordable fitness tracker going around and at around $52, it provides plenty of value. Not only does it track your heart-rate, it can automatically record your sleep and when you wake up and track the number of active steps. As well, the Band 2 acts like a basic watch that tells time, setup up more than one alarm vibration, and receive incoming caller id and text messages from your smart-phone. With a battery life of approximately 13 days, the Xiaomi Band 2 is worth a punt at this low price.

Jawbone Up4

Next up is the Jawbone Up 4 which is another fitness tracker with it's own heart rate sensor. Aside from measuring your heart beats the entire day, the Up 4 also allows you to log your meals and stay on top of your calories, record your sleep patterns from REM to Deep cycles, provides cool reminder alerts when you have been inactive too long or when you should get ready for sleep, and as well, it can track your steps and distance walked. Also, the fitness tracker features 'Smart Coach' which is like a personal guide to help you make healthier choices and stay motivated. Another interesting add-on is using your approved American Express card to make payment to participating businesses, which is a convenient option. For $74, this is another wrist heart rate monitor worth considering.

Mio Alpha 2

Lastly, a waterproof fitness tracker that you can use for a dive or a swim, the Mio Alpha 2. For non swimmer, you can even shower with it on. In terms of budget, the Mio Aplha 2 is the best fitness watch of the three listed on this article. It has a heart rate monitor that can record your beats per minute across the 5 configurable training zones and as well, it will track and alert you when your performance moves outside of one training zone. All up, there are five training zone that you can configure and train towards for an effective workout. Plus like the other two fitness trackers, it can monitor your daily activities like steps, distance, calories as well as your pace! What's more, not only does it have a heart rate sensor, the Alpha 2 allows the user to store close to 25 hours of training statistics. This is a nice dessert of workout data for serious fitness buffs to analyse over. For only $77, this is another fitness tracker that should be on your shopping list.

There you have it three fitness trackers that can monitor your heart rate and all for less than $80. But if you want more bells and whistles from a fitness wearable, and prepared to spend more on heart health monitoring, there are plenty of options available. Let's face it, whilst a general fitness tracker without any kind of heart rate monitoring is great to have, it only provides a small overview of your daily activities and level of fitness. As you can appreciate the counting of steps is not enough since not every step you take is created equally and not every workout involves steps. The best and most accurate method to monitor the effects of a training session and an individual's state of health is to measure the heart rate. It is the most effective way to improve your level of fitness.


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