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Best Fitness Trackers under $200

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3 fitness trackers with smart notifications for under $200

With modern technology advancing and evolving at such a rapid rate, it can be hard to keep up with all of the goings on in the tech world. For those of you who are involved in health and fitness, this is especially true as fitness trackers are constantly advancing and evolving every single year. It may be hard to believe, but not too long ago, simple pedometers that clipped onto your waistband were considered to be groundbreaking fitness tools, now they are sneered at and are virtually obsolete.

Smart devices are currently, and have been for nearly a decade now, all the rage so if you are on the lookout for a fitness tracker, a tracker which provides smart notifications will probably be pretty high up on your agenda.

Here’s a look at 3 fitness trackers with smart notifications, which can be yours for less than $200.

Garmin Vivoactive – Garmin have a reputation for providing some of the most reliable and sophisticated fitness trackers that money can buy, and the Vivoactive is a prime example of this.

Available for $149.99 along with free shipping, this activity tracker is ideal for those of you who are involved in more than one type of sports. It is a smart watch that is ultra thin, that features a touchscreen, high res, colour, sunlight readable display screen. The watch itself has a number of in-built sports apps, which work in synergy with the watch’s GPS features. There are cycling apps, swimming apps, running apps, and even golf apps, and much more, so all bases are pretty much covered.

The device allows users to view their stats, even if they are away from their smart device. Once paired with smart devices, it will vibrate to alert you of calls, texts, emails, and other notifications, including social media ones. You can customize the watch face, and the battery will last days with regular use, or for more than 10 hours with constant GPS.

Garmin Vivosmart HR – Our second offering from Garmin is the Garmin vivosmart HR, which can be yours for $129.99. This activity tracker is a wristband made from comfortable materials that are incredibly water resistant, so the device can be worn in the shower or bath, a perfect waterproof fitness tracker.

It will monitor and display heart rate, activity levels, calories burnt, distance travelled, intensity levels, floors climbed, and more besides. The device allows you to control your music and a VIRB action camera, plus it syncs wirelessly with smart devices, where it will provide a series of smart notifications, including call, email, and text alerts.

There is even a reminder to encourage you to become more active if you have been surprisingly sedentary on that particular day.

Fitbit Blaze – Arguably it was Fitbit who really kick started the activity tracking craze, and when you see some of their past offerings, it’s really no surprise. The Fitbit blaze is a smart watch that retails at just under $200, with free shipping.

It wirelessly syncs to smart devices via Bluetooth, it provides workout goals, it monitors heart rate, it provides on screen workouts, multisport fitness options, all day activity tracking, and much more besides.

It will log and monitor your sleep, and will provide a series of smart notifications such as calendar, call, or text alerts. With a stylish and modern design, it’s easy to see why this activity tracker is a best-seller.

Whether it is for running, walking, cycling swimming or going to work, these three fitness tracker watches offer a great alternative to smartwatches as it can track what it does best, activity tracking and provide reliable smart notifications from your smartphone to your wrist.


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