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Crash Diets

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Crash Diets - To Be Avoided

Crash diets are to be avoided. The only sensible way to diet is to lose weight gradually. Do not fall into the trap of believing that there are miracle diets that will produce an immediate windfall in weight loss. There are many so-called crash diets (also sometimes called fad diets). There none that produce long term sustainable weight loss.

Just think how long it took you to gain weight - you will need at least the same period to lose the same amount of weight. This would give you some idea as to the patience that you need to undertake a weight loss diet program. You will be encouraged by the initial success (decrease in body weight). But as days go by, frustration will slowly creep in when you find out that it is hard to lose weight any further. Do not lose hope at this juncture and continue with your program. You will notice encouraging results eventually.

The point to focus on, in any weight loss program is not to look at the calorific value of each and every food that you eat. It is more about the balancing of input and output. You must ensure that you burn more energy than what you take in. If this principle is followed strictly, then any weight loss diet program will be successful. If you chase fast weight loss through crash diets your weight loss efforts will inevitably and invariably 'crash and burn'.


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