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What's New in the Weight Loss Market ?

Weight Loss Diet i Monitors New Market Developments

A brand new and revolutionary weight loss product has recently hit the market. It is called Get Lean Quick. The company has taken a number of the single track approaches to weight loss and has combined the best elements of these different approaches to create a truly unique weight loss product that works.

The product uses the following elements in a holistic way to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Thermogenic Day Pills

The day time pills have been developed to help you to raise your metabolism and to burn calories in a gentle but effective way. They are meant to be taken in the morning time to prevent mid-morning nibbling on cookies etc.


Appetite Suppressant Evening Pills

The evening pills are meant to be taken just before the time when you collapse into an armchair in front of TV to watch Sex in the City. This is the real danger time for all of us and we are sure that considerable damage is done to waistlines as we eat our way through all kinds of junk food. The evening pills suppress your appetite and make you feel full at this really crucial time.


Calorie Controlled Diet

This is a real diamond. This is a really well packaged diet plan that is very flexible and allows you to pick and mix. Your are in no way confined to the types of food that you eat and the time at which you eat. It's your diet tailored to your own needs. Our analysis is that you will not feel hungry on this diet and it even recommends that you break out and go to McDonalds (or what ever turns you on) every now and again. It doesn't lay any guilt trips on you.


Exercise Advice

The exercise advice is probably the weakest part of the Get Lean Quick product. We would advocate a much more rigorous exercise program to supplement the diet. When we asked the Get Lean Quick people they said that they felt it would be unrealistic to expect people to undertake a heavy exercise program as well as following the diet and taking the pills. They say that they have adopted a balanced approach. We don't entirely agree but at least they have included some exercise.


Motivational Techniques

We particularly like this aspect of the Get Lean Quick pack. Their advice on how to keep going when your motivation begins to weaken (and don't kid yourself, it always does at some stage on a diet) is practical and sound. We particularly like their attitude to occasions when dieters have a slip-up. Their approach is; OK so you pigged-out. Fine. It's not the end of the world. Enjoy it and now get back on with the business of losing weight. A great approach.


Food & Eating Tips Another practical and helpful part of their program. They provide useful advice and tips on food and what is good for us, what's bad for us and what we can eat in moderation. They also provide advice on real issues like what to eat when you're eating out and weight loss after pregnancy plus a whole lot of other interesting issues.

Initially we had some reservations about the inclusion of diet pills. Regular visitors to Weight Loss Diet i will be familiar with our views on pills. However when we checked with Get Lean Quick they reassured us that the ingredients are natural, safe and have been in common usage for a long time. The pills do not include any drugs and in fact the pills are classified as food supplements. They have been evaluated and tested by the Irish Food Safety Authority and have been approved for "free sale".

Once we had reassured ourselves that the pills were safe we were then happy to have one of our somewhat overweight friends (Julia) to give Get Lean Quick a shot. In 14 days Julia lost 12.5 lb.. That's a tad much for our liking but Julia stuck rigidly to the program and said that she never felt hungry, her energy levels were high, the pills were easy to take and seemed to do what they were supposed to do. Julia said that she thought that the manual that comes with the pack was excellent and she liked the idea of being able to pick and choose what she wanted rather than having her meals dictated to her. She said that the whole program was very flexible and was right in tune with what overweight women need when they are dieting.

Overall we are very impressed by this total approach to weight loss. What is surprising is that no-one has come up with the idea before. When we asked Get Lean Quick how did they come up with the idea. They said that other products catered for dieters that:

wanted pills but didn't want a diet
wanted a diet but didn't want pills

Get Lean Quick reckon that there is a market for an integrated approach that incorporates safe and effective diet supplements and more traditional diet plans plus really practical advice.
They hope to encourage dieters that would never have considered taking pills to use the Get Lean Quick pills as an important aid while they follow a calorie controlled diet. And on the other side they want the pill-takers to follow a really easy diet to underpin the effects that the pills have. They emphasise the each element of their program will promote weight loss but the best, sustainable, results will be achieved by using every element as recommended.

In our view the Get Lean Quick people have cracked it. If you have always avoided pills maybe it's time to have a re-think and if you have never wanted to follow a diet plan perhaps Get Lean Quick will change your mind.

We at Weight Loss Diet i believe that this all new approach may just revolutionise the way that we all approach weight loss in the future. We are happy to recommend Get Lean Quick.

For Get Lean Quick

It covers every area of weight loss
It's easy to follow
The pills appear to work
The diet is very flexible
The advice and tips are for everyone and are practical
It promotes weight loss at a rate that is not too fast nor too slow. This diet will help to keep your weight off once you have reached your target.

Against Get Lean Quick

Their web site Get Lean Quick doesn't do their product justice.
It under-sells the real benefits of the product to ordinary overweight people.

Finally, please remember that you didn't get fat overnight or even in a few weeks. What makes you believe that you can get thin overnight? Face up to one simple fact: losing weight SUCCESSFULLY takes a little bit of time and patience. Be just a tad patient and you will reap your due rewards - a slim you.


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