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3 Ways in Which Fitness Trackers can Benefit Weight Loss

To say that losing weight can be quite tough, would be like saying that hiking up Mt Everest is slightly difficult, I.E it would be a vast understatement. Every day, millions of people all over the globe struggle with their weight and with the complications that being overweight can cause. Not only does being overweight affect your self confidence and affect you mentally, it can also affect you physically, as increased body fat levels have been directly linked with all kinds of medical conditions, including:

  • Heart disease

  • Increased risk of heart attack

  • Certain forms of cancer

  • Organ failure

  • Fatty liver disease

  • Hypertension

  • Blocked arteries

  • Stroke

  • Type-2 diabetes

  • And more...

Whilst global obesity levels recently peaked at all-time highs, the good news is that governments do seem to be taking the obesity crisis a great deal more seriously, which is why more funding is being poured into fighting obesity, and it is why more is being done to combat the ascending obesity rates all over the globe. If you're looking to lose weight however, many experts are now recommending fitness activity trackers, for a variety of different reasons. Here's a look at 3 ways in which fitness trackers can assist with weight loss.

1. They can track calories Weight loss and weight gain is basically down to a case of calories in versus calories out, meaning that if you take in larger quantities of calories than are required by the body for maintenance, your body mass will increase, whereas if caloric intakes are cut, your body mass will begin to gradually decline. Creating a caloric deficit is the key to fat loss, yet it can be tough to track and monitor how many calories you have taken in and consumed, each day, as well as how many have been used as energy. Fitness trackers are ideal because they provide accurate readings letting you know how many calories you have burnt off for that particular day, so you can get a better understanding of how many calories you may have left, or how many you may allow for from foods and drinks. Some even provide the ability to log the calories that you have consumed as well.

2. They motivate you Fitness trackers are also beneficial and so useful for exercise and fitness, because they will actually motivate you and will help to prevent you from quitting or cheating on your workouts when you feel tired. Many of them have in-built motivational features such as virtual coaches, which will encourage you to exercise, and will remind you when you haven't gotten enough activity for that particular day. What's more, as you can log info from each workout, when you look back and see how much you have progressed, this will only serve to motivate you further.

3. Multi-sport features Gone are the days when a fitness tracker was nothing more than a dubious looking pedometer that clipped onto your waistband, as fitness trackers now are more complex than ever. Many fitness trackers from a Garmin fitness tracker to a Fitbit watch allow you to track and monitor your progress in a whole variety of different sports and activities, including running, cycling, walking, golfing, and even in the water. What's more, they can let you know how intensely you are working out, where your target heart rate should be, how many steps you have taken, how many minutes you have been active, and even how many stairs you may have climbed.

Whether it is a basic fitness watch or a waterproof fitness tracker, these fitness wearables can play a part in helping you to stay motivated and become more active. The best part is, you can get such a device for as low as $30. Once your fitness improves over time you can swtich up to more powerful wearables to ramp up your training and reduce your body fat.


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