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Low Calorie Diet

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Looking for a very low-calorie-diet? - Don't bother!

If you're thinking of following a low-calorie diet, please read the following notes:

  • No one should consume less than 1200-1500 calories a day.
  • Low calorie diets (800-1000 calories) are strictly short term things.
  • They should only be used under proper medical supervision.
  • Unless used under medical supervision they will make you unhealthy. 
  • They don't help you to lose weight for good.

If this doesn't put you off, ask yourself this question.

Why waste your precious time looking for a diet that won't work?
Why not wear a false nose, instead?

You'll lose just as much weight and at least you'll get a few laughs!

If you have a serious weight problem, don't force yourself to follow a low-calorie diet. Your best option is to see your doctor and enroll in a long-term treatment program that includes permanent lifestyle changes like, healthier eating, regular physical activity and an improved outlook on food.

Without such a (long-term) commitment, your weight will simply drift back up the scale.


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