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Resisting Food
There is just too much food around me!

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How to Resist Food

There is just too much food around me

If you are over 50 and your BMR is slipping, you either need to eat less or burn more calories just to maintain your weight. But that is easier said than done, when living in a society where abundance is a way of life. Your body is not equipped to withstand this problem of plenty. Varieties of high-calorie foods are just a phone call or a mouse click away.

There is always a possibility of eating more when you have more choices. This problem is more significant in older adults because the ability to detect flavours begins to wane with age. The food you eat doesn’t seem to taste as good as it once did. So you are likely to try out more variety to satiate yourself. Researchers claim that at such times, you are more likely to reach out for foods like sweets, snacks, and refined carbohydrates – all of which shoot up your calorie intake.

Another nagging problem that ails today’s society is that of “super sizing”. Studies reveal that eating out makes people fatter. When you eat out, not only do you find more variety on the menu, but these foods are much higher in calories than home cooked food. Also, restaurant portions are generally huge. When served bigger portions, people tend to keep eating until their plates are clean!


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