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Vegetarians and Weight Loss
Tips and information about vegetarians and weight loss

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Vegetarians and Weight Loss

True vegetarians think of it as a way of life rather than a dietary issue. If you choose to become a vegetarian as a means of weight loss the following tips and advice will be of use to you.

As with any changes to your diet you should make changes gradually. You should reduce your meat consumption gradually, increase your consumption of oily fish and take some extra chicken in place of red meat.

Vegetarians Tips

Try soy products to ensure that you get enough protein. Soya milk, soya beans and tofu are all excellent foods suitable for vegetarians.

Buy a comprehensive cook book for vegetarians.

Don't overdo the consumption of eggs. Many vegetarians consume too many eggs in an effort to increase their intake of protein.

Check out vegetarian alternatives of almost every food type. For instance there are cheese-type products available for vegetarians.

Increase your consumption of peas, beans and lentils.

Remember there are many overweight vegetarians. Most of the weight loss tips and advice contained on this website apply to vegetarians also.


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