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Advice for Weight Loss

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Good Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Advice #1

Never try to lose weight too fast without checking with your physician first.

Weight Loss Advice #2

Don't waste your time trying to achieve the impossible

The rate at which you can lose weight depends on a number of factors that include your present weight, your lifestyle, your activity level, how regular your lifestyle is, your health & family history and the level of stress in your life.

  • The quickest that the "average" person can lose weight successfully is as follows:
  • If you weigh 224 pounds or more - You can lose up to 4 pounds a week
  • If you're 182 pounds or more - You can lose up to 3 pounds a week
  • If you're 154 pounds or more - You can lose up to 2½ pounds a week
  • If you're less than 154 pounds - You can lose up to 1½ pounds a week
  • Is this too slow for you?

Unfortunately, you can't do it any faster. Sure, you might lose weight faster, but you'll put it on just as quickly.

Weight Loss Advice #3

Follow a sensible and balanced diet. Many dieters have been foiled by fad diets, single-food plans and other such diet-programs.

So if you really want to lose weight fast, avoid fad diets and choose a sensible diet plan that allows you to eat lots and offers a balanced menu.

Weight Loss Advice #4

Never go hungry because hunger is the biggest diet-killer

Most dieters assume that the less they eat, the faster they lose weight. This is not so because food makes us happy. So if we eat less we becomes uptight and miserable. The result? We eat more and ruin our diet!

So if you want to lose weight fast and keep it off, don't allow yourself to go hungry. A full stomach is still the best protection against temptation.

Weight Loss Advice #5

Have good food!

In this fast-food society, we eat too much restaurant-food, junk food, instant snacks and processed foods. These foods are usually very high in the two most-fattening ingredients: FAT and SUGAR.

This is the reason why obesity is becoming such a problem. The moral? If you wish to lose weight fast and keep it off, make friends with good food.

Important Food Tips

1. Learn more about good food and nutrition
2. Have homemade food and avoid eating out
3. When eating out, choose non-fat or healthy options
4. When shopping, choose fresh foods whenever possible and buy less processed food
5. Drink water, 100 per cent fruit juices diluted 1/2-1/2 water, or calorie-free soft drinks


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