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Weight Loss & Alcohol

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Need to give up alcohol when dieting?

Generally speaking, the answer is No. In my experience, no one gets fat because they enjoy a few drinks.

High in calories
As a rule of thumb, a half-pint of beer or one glass of wine contains 100 calories. Furthermore, alcohol can also act as an appetite stimulant.

Thus logically speaking, you should avoid alcohol when dieting.

Although alcohol is high in calories, there is no clear evidence that giving up alcohol assists weight loss. On the contrary, a major US study revealed that dieters who gave up alcohol lost no more weight than those who kept drinking.

Enjoy a few drinks
Like I say, no one gets fat because they have a few drinks. So if you enjoy a few beers or a few glasses of wine, keep drinking. It's more important to stay happy than to eliminate every possible calorie! But keep your drinking moderate - no more than 5 pints of beer or 10 glasses of wine, per week.


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