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Take a Longer Term View Of Your Weight Loss Plan

Temporary approach to weight loss

If you are seriously overweight, it's not a good idea to see your weight problem as a temporary problem that can be sorted out by a few months of strenuous dieting.

Such a 'temporary' approach often leads to greater disappointment and even greater weight gain.

The best approach is to take a longer term view

Remember, in order to lose weight for good, you have to develop good eating habits.
And this takes time.

Successful dieters are invariably the ones who look ahead and don't allow themselves to get distracted by temporary success or failure.

So don't be in a rush

Sadly, most dieters are in too much of a rush.
That's why they fail.
Don't fall into the same trap.

Useful first step

Look ahead 12 months and ask yourself:
What weight would I like to be, a year from now?

Sounds too boring?

Perhaps. But being seriously overweight is a lot more boring.
Wouldn't you agree?


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