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Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss Diet Tips

Curb your instinct to lose 20 pounds in 24 hours
Live in the real world for a change and take a slightly longer view.
Aim to lose no more than 2 pounds per week.

Choose a sensible diet
Do not waste money on fad diets.
Do not waste money on short-term diets.
Do choose a healthy low-fat/ high-carbohydrate diet.

Stock up with good food
Do not live alone with a jar of mayonnaise.
Do not buy food 5 minutes before you drop dead of hunger.
Do not keep popping in and out of food shops.
Ideally, stock up once a week and make sure you buy enough.

Do not allow yourself to go hungry
Hunger is stronger than your strongest determination to lose weight.
Hunger eats diets and dieters for breakfast.
Hunger will destroy your diet quicker than you can say George W Bush.
Get the message?

Eat out less
This means you must learn to cook (a little)
It also means you must learn about food (a little)
If necessary consult a psychiatrist to overcome mental anguish involved.

Take regular moderate exercise
20 minutes of light exercise every day is fine for starters.
You can increase this gradually but don't overdo it.
Exercise won't make you slim but it helps.

Final Tip
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